Men of War 2 multiplayer modes explained: Create a Lobby, Battalions, Classic, more - Charlie INTEL (2024)

While Men of War 2 offers a ton of single-player content, you can also team up against other players in different multiplayer modes. Here are all of them explained, including how to change your lobby settings.

Multiplayer in Men of War 2 is a free-for-all where you can show off the skills you’ve learned. Plus, there are four different modes and a ton of lobby settings to customize your experience.

So, here is everything you need to know about multiplayer modes in Men of War 2, including how to change your lobby settings and unlock new units and rewards.

  • How to play multiplayer in Men of War 2
  • How to create a lobby
  • PvP Battalions explained
    • PvE Battalions
  • PvP Classic explained
  • PvP Combined Arms explained

How to play multiplayer in Men of War 2

To play multiplayer in Men of War 2, go to the multiplayer tab at the top of your screen and select the mode you want to play.

Each multiplayer mode has a set of rules, but they all have the same basic objective: Capture important areas of the map (Capture the Flag), gain territory advantage, and eliminate enemies.

At the end of the game, the team with the most Victory Points wins. These are awarded for the objectives above, and 100 VP are awarded to players who manage to capture the areas pointed out by HQ (the flags).

Each mode also gives you a set amount of Command Points, which is what determines how many units and of what value you can have on the field at any time.Use them wisely!

How to create a lobby in Men of War 2

To create a lobby in Men of War 2, you need to go to the multiplayer Tab and select ‘Lobby’ on the left-side menu.

Once you’re on this screen, you can click on ‘Create Lobby’ in the top right corner. You will then have the option to create a public, public with password, or private lobby.

Once you have created the lobby, you will be put in a new screen where you can play around with the settings to customize it. There are six match setup modes to choose from:

  • PvP Battalions
  • PvE Battalions
  • Mission
  • Combined Arms
  • Tanks Only
  • Classic

From there, you can customize Team Size, Environment, who Battalions are visible to, Victory Points, and more depending on the mode you select for your lobby.

Men of War 2 multiplayer modes explained: Create a Lobby, Battalions, Classic, more - Charlie INTEL (1)Best Way

You can customize a variety of settings when you create a lobby.

PvP Battalions in Men of War 2 explained

PvP Battalions in Men of War 2 can be played in 4v4 or 5v5, and has timed Echelons you can customize before you head into battle.

There are three branches of Regiments you can choose from to customize your Echelons:

  • Support: These are usually Artillery, Air Defense, and Anti-Tank units.
  • Infantry: This branch includes Infantry, Recon, and Assault units.
  • Armored: This branch focuses on Tanks and Armored Vehicles.

Each of these branches are available for whichever Faction you decide to play with: Germany, USA, or USSR. You can choose to play with one Regiment at a time, and the more you progress, the more Regiments will become available to you.

PvP Battalions starts you off with a total of 65 Command Points distributed among the Echelons as 15-20-30.

PvE Battalions

PvE Battalions have the same basic rules and mechanics as PvP Battalions, but the difference is you play in a team against AI.

Depending on the size of your team – whether you’re four or five people playing together – a suitably sized team is selected to play against. You can also select the difficulty you want to play on, ranging from Very Easy to Epic.

Men of War 2 multiplayer modes explained: Create a Lobby, Battalions, Classic, more - Charlie INTEL (2)Best Way

Each Echelon can be customized depending on the Regiment you choose.

PvP Classic explained in Men of War 2

PvP Classic in Men of War 2 can be played in 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3, and it does not use the Echelon system.

After selecting your faction, you will enter matchmaking with 100 Command Points, and you can field any unit available from the pools. You can’t edit your Regiments in Classic mode.

You will be able to purchase more units with the manpower you accumulate during the match. There are also timers set for specific units before they are available to the field.

PvP Combined Arms explained

Combined Arms PvP is a 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 mode in Men of War 2 that makes use of Echelons with timers on available units.

You have more Command Points in Combined Arms, a total of 120 spread across each Echelon.

Like Classic mode, though, you do not have specific Regiments to choose from and instead select a Faction to play with. You can, however, edit your Regiments before you head into the game.

That’s everything to know about multiplayer in Men of War 2! For more on games coming out this year and beyond, be sure to check out our guides below.

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Men of War 2 multiplayer modes explained: Create a Lobby, Battalions, Classic, more - Charlie INTEL (2024)
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